It is difficult to speak Chinese well.

Is there salt left?

They were unanimous that the war should be brought to a halt.

Kriton took risks.

Having arrived at the station, he immediately called a taxi.

Pfirsichbaeumchen is from Germany.

Polly certainly can make things happen.

I rarely watch documentaries.

I go to the library at least once a week.

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Norbert wants to come to Boston with us.


I can run as fast.

I just want to be free.

We made inquiries into his past.


What kind of pills are those?

Gunnar thanked Lorenzo for the present.

No, I don't. I want to learn sometime.

You sing songs to me.

I'm sure Srinivasan will be here any minute.

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The concert will take place next spring.


Blake checks his blood pressure once a week.


I've gone to Boston twice.

A drunk TV presenter vomited during a live broadcast.

He burned the croutons.


How much is this watch?

I wanted to run away with them.

We'll pass it on.

Antonella has never exhibited any violent tendencies.

She skipped a class.


It's been pouring here for the last few days.

Our boat followed a school of fish.

Please don't be mad.

Nicolette finally got his wish.

How long will we have to put up with this?

Tahsin and Peter worked together.

You're making me waste time.

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Dan got a job at a newspaper.


I haven't touched anything.

I'm glad you enjoy skiing, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea.

That sounds ominous.

Vaughn locked his keys in his car.

He is angry with me.

You should imitate his behavior.

We're all with you.


Did you enjoy yourself at the welcoming party for freshmen?

Pratt has had a great year.

Are you happy now, Marsha?

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There were three survivors.

They are high school students.

Erwin says he's not interested.


He tends to ask a lot of questions.

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No love without envy.

I work faster alone.

Maybe I should give them a hand.


I can't stay for dinner.

She exploded with laughter.

Do your very best.

The machine is safely in operation.

Uri knows that I lied to him.

I ran into Nancy at a conference three weeks ago.

Where is the boy?

We don't know if her parents will come tomorrow or not.

I'm disgusted with Vidhyanath.

Starbuck put the guitar case down so he could hug Joanne.

Please give me a haircut.

Ask Lynnette what his sister's name is.

I'm really tired; I think I'll go to bed.


Giovanni is as ready as he'll ever be.

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Raanan works at a winery.

Hasty marriage seldom succeeds.

Many people like to travel.

I just have one problem left that I don't know how to solve.

I met Nadeem at a wine auction a few years ago.

Thierry was supposed to help us yesterday.

Craig requires medical care.


Swamy has been gone for over an hour.

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They handed Anderson a short note.

I was almost certain you'd say something like that.

I heard a wolf howling.

It's hard to be modest when you are the best.

Are you free right now?

How did you discover that?

That's Les's call.


I have decided to learn shorthand.

Let them take a look at it.

This is a variety of violet.


She was a tall, thin girl with long, soft brown hair.

I would like to become a poet.

Education aims to develop potential abilities.

Turks are a very friendly nation.

They're impressed.

Among the Uighurs, a "Naming Celebration" is held after a child is given a name.

She can't ski any more than Jane can.


Ken called on his teacher yesterday.


I went skating on the lake.


I am 12 years old.

Alexander may be wrong.

What is the motivation for you to drink water?

We've always been friends.

Patricio and Reinhard will get married next month.

My grandfather died in the Second World War.

I'll take that challenge.

I'm a little drunk.

You killed them.

Do you still talk to Naomi?

Compiling a dictionary demands an enormous amount of time.

They wanted to die because they didn't manage to please their parents.

We've been together for a long time.

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The wounded were transported with an ambulance.

How many more must I count?

I'm not moving out.

Sri is annoying, isn't he?

Why don't you come over around six or so?


I am fixing the washing machine.

She's studying French and web design.

She'll do it as a matter of course.

Have you read your mail yet?

I am faced with a mountain of problems.

Everybody liked Naim.

Nadeem hasn't been here all morning.

I was born and raised in the Boston area.

I grow old always learning many things.

Have you finished breakfast yet?

How interesting is that!

It won't be the same without you.

Do you recognize anything here?

You've been well paid.

That's not my car.

Boyce is going to be with you today.

I neglected to note it in my calendar.

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I'm glad you didn't call her.

Liz was accused of putting something in Naren's drink.

Is Trying in the office?


We all know.

The town has beautiful surroundings.

Olof plays the tambourine.

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The maid served the tea.

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She likes working hard.

I went fishing with her.

A black coat is in fashion this winter.

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I'll go see if I can find us something to drink.


Come back tomorrow.

Dale's attempt at humour went over like a lead balloon.

I don't have time to help you today.

Bring tea immediately!

She approved of my plan.

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We're not interested in such things.


Take that box away!

The river is the widest in Europe.

Don't excuse what you have done.

If you listen to the lyrics, you'll realize that they don't say anything.

I have serious doubts.


Spyros despises Jisheng.

Here, use my key.

That would be pretty cool.


I'm with a client.

Warren was devastated.

Blayne told me you only want two hundred dollars for your guitar.


I'm alone with Rebecca.

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I'm not a slut!

He has never been scolded by his father.

There is no solution.